Articles & Essays

    2022   Chennai Photo Biennale  Performance of Archaeological Representation

    2022   Outlook  Back to the Future

    2021   The Polis Project  Bureaucratic Archaeology: A book excerpt

    2019   Wire – Secret, Hurried and Anonymous When Convenient: Revisiting ASI's Ayodhya Dig Report

    2017   Dailyo – Denied entry to Kolkata mall in dhoti: Filmmaker Ashish Avikunthak on 'public space'

    2017   Scroll – Social apartheid: I was barred from entering a Kolkata mall because I was wearing a dhoti

    2017   Scroll – Why the switching of Gandhi with Modi as India's khadi icon is more than just symbolic

    2014   Deep Focus In Search of a Genealogy: Experimental, Avant-Garde or Prayoga?

    2014   Art India  Nation and Narration

    2011   Contributions to Indian Sociology – Conjuring River, Imagining Civilization: Saraswati, Archaeology and Science in India.

    2010   Indian Economic and Social History Review – Cryptographic Imagination: Indus Script and the Project of Scientific  Decipherment

    2010   Hindustan Times – When Plan A Failed

    2009   Hindustan Times – Where Slumdogs celebrate doggedness

    2006   Journal of Material Culture - Ambivalent Heritage: Between Affect and Ideology in a Colonial Cemetery

    2006   The Hindu – The battle for IIT

    2002   Journal of Social Archaeology – Visions of Discipline: Sir Mortimer Wheeler and the Archaeological Method in India (1944-48)

    1993   Economic and Political Weekly  Subarnarekha Project: Singhbhum's Sorrow

    1993   Economic and Political Weekly  Patalganga: River Fighting for Life