2022   Far Out Magazine – ‘Glossary of Non-Human Love’: Ashish Avikunthak and Infra-realist sci-fi.

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    2019   Times of India – Avant-garde theatre to host Indian indie filmmaker retrospective.

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    2017   URI associate professor’s experimental film to be screened at Berlin Film Festival in February

    2016   Exhausting the inexhaustible: reading the structure of Samuel Beckett’s Come and Go through Ashish Avikunthak’s Endnote.

    2016   Kalkimanthankatha, Q&A at Tisch School, New York University.

    2016 - Of Gods Ghosts and India's disappearing history - An Interview with Sanjena Santhian.

    2016   Dialogs Before Sucide - An Interview with P.K. Surendran.

    2016   Maha Kumbh Journal during the making of "Kalkimanthankatha" - Part 2

    2016   Maha Kumbh Journal during the making of "Kalkimanthankatha" - Part 1

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