Dancing Othello, 2001

    January 01, 2002 · Short Films

    The film explores the moment of imaginative intersection of two seventeenth century classical artistic tradition- Shakespearean tragedy and South Indian dance form- Kathakali. Giving birth to a hybrid performance merging the epitome of English literature and the quintessence of Indian art. Situated in an ambivalent dramatic space, the Shakespearean English, as a symbol of a colonial language, collapses into the classical renderation of an orthodox dance form.


    Directed, produced & written by: Ashish Avikunthak 

    Cast: Arjun Raina

    Cinematography: Setu 

    Editing: Neeraj Voralia 

    Sound Recording: Julius Basaiawhoit 

    Sound Design: Rishi Oberoi  

    Selected Screenings

    2014        Plan9, Gallery Fotografic, Prague

    2014        Rice University Chao Film Festival, Houston

    2010        Royale with Cheese, Aicon Gallery, London

    2009        Gallery Chatterjee & Lal, Bombay

    2006        "Desire under Banyan: Beyond Bollywood", Pacific Film Archive, UC Berkeley

    2005        Retrospective of Indian Documentaries, Cinema-Nova Brussels

    2004        "Shakespeare in Asia", Conference on Theatre, Stanford University

    2002        "Dance in South Asia", Conference on Performance, Swarthmore College